I sometimes wish that I had flown a Cub during the Cub heydays in the forties and fifties. Well, the 75th Anniversary of the J-3 Piper Cub for me and many others was as good as it gets. The good old days were this year at Sentimental Journey, Hartford, and Oshkosh. If you missed this year’s flying events, you did miss something spectacular.

The weather cooperated to make all of my flights worry free. And, it was a joy to fly with other Cubs and not have to see specks in the sky ahead of me.  Other aircraft owners say they will fly with Cubs but then get tired of flying so slow. I was able to see more Cubs at one time than ever before. There were fields of Yellow at every stop.

I want to thank everyone who participated on Cubs 2 Oshkosh. I hope it made your flights a little bit easier to accomplish while having fun sharing thoughts about the adventures.

A word of special thanks goes to Dana and Steve for making great things happen at Hartford. I missed the Friday night Fish Fry because my group of three Cubs didn’t arrive until dusk. However, I had a super time on Saturday looking at all the Cubs, meeting many Cub pilots and watching Cubs fly. Because I didn’t participate in the 75 Cub launch on Sunday, I got to enjoy the view of 75 Cubs leaving for Oshkosh early that morning. 

The 2017 80th Cub celebration is in the planning stages. Everyone wants to create an adventure that must not be missed. Many of the highlights of the 75th will be repeated such as the mass flight of J-3 Cubs to Oshkosh early Sunday morning, the gathering at Hartford before the mass flight and a reserved place for Cubs on the ground at EAA AIrVenture Oshkosh 2017. If there is something you would like see happen, please give us your ideas. Please prepare to have your Cub ready for the gathering in 2017!Fly that Cub!